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How does this work?

1. We drop off the sauna, set it up, and show 

    you how to properly use the stove.

2. You have amazing sauna time.

3. We pick it up.

Is there a cold plunge?

Of course! We can provide a 100 gallon tub for cold plunging - you're in charge of getting a hose and filling it up!

How many people can use it?

4 to 8 folks can fit comfortably in the sauna at one time. Since traditional sauna sessions are taken in several rounds - sweat for awhile, hang out on the cedar deck for awhile, repeat - a dozen people or so can simultaneously make use of the sauna by alternating rounds.

Do you provide wood?

We're happy to provide one bin of wood. Should be enough for 2-3 firings. Beyond that it's on you to provide supplemental wood, and it doesn't take much.

For 3-night rentals we'll make sure you have more than enough wood.

Is there a changing room?

Yes! Can you believe how awesome this thing is?

Where do you deliver?

We operate within 20 miles of Whitefish, Montana.

If you're in beyond that range but you really need some heat, drop us a note and we'll quote a delivery fee for you.

But I'm way outside your area!

Check out to see if there’s a sauna available in your area.

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